Cisco Sales Essentials (CSE v6)

Detailed Outlines

Course Outlines

 1. Course Introduction

  • Course Goals and Objectives
  • Additional References
  • Your Training Curriculum

2. Cisco Architectures for Business Transformation

  • Cisco Architectures and Strengths
  • Customer Value Proposition and Benefits
  • Value-Added Business Partners and Architectures
  • Positioning Cisco Architectures for Selling Success

3. Cisco Partner Advantage

  • Advantages of being a Cisco Partner
  • Foundations of Success
  • Cisco Partner Programs and Specializations

4. Networking Basics

  • OSI Model
  • OSI Layer Devices and Components
  • Network Types

5. Selling Borderless Networks

  • Demand for Borderless Networking
  • Borderless Network Architecture
  • Cisco Mobility Solutions
  • Cisco Security Solutions
  • Cisco Routing Solutions
  • Cisco Switching Solutions
  • Cisco Application Velocity Solutions
6. Selling Collaboration
  • Demand for Collaboration
  • Collaboration Architecture
  • Cisco Collaboration Solutions

7. Selling Small Business Architecture

  • Demand for Small Business Solutions
  • Cisco Small Business Architecture
  • Cisco Small Business Solutions

8. Selling Video Architecture

  • Demand for Video Solutions
  • Cisco Video and Medianet Architecture
  • Cisco Video Solutions

9. Selling Data Center, Virtualization, and Cloud Architectures

  • Demand for Data Center, Virtualization, and Cloud Solutions
  • Data Center Overview
  • Virtualization Architecture
  • Solution Overview

10. Enhancing Profitability through Whole Offers

  • Demand for Whole Offers
  • Selling Cisco Service Contracts
  • Cisco Smart Business Architecture and Partner Profitability
  • Cisco Partner Incentive Program
  • Cisco Sales Tools
  • Cisco Capital

Objectives and Pre-requisites

Course Objectives

  • Describe Cisco strengths and partner benefits
  • Describe the basic network components and architecture
  • Describe the small business architecture
  • Describe the Borderless Network Architecture
  • Describe the Collaboration Architecture
  • Describe the Virtualization Architecture
  • Describe how Cisco enhances partner profitability


  • Basic understanding of networking products and solutions

Classroom training
Duration: 2 days
Price: US$ ----
CLC: 17

Course Schedule:
Egypt, Cairo,  Jan 2015
Dubai,  Feb, 2015
Qatar, Doha, May 2015

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