Fiber Optic Network Design

Detailed Outlines

Course Outlines

1‐ Fiber Optic Design Overview

2- Fiber Optic Networks Topologies and Examples

3- Fiber Optic International Standard

4- Fiber Optic Cable Specifications Studying

5- How to Choose the Components?

6- Plant Link Loss Budget Analysis and Calculation

7- Transmission Equipments Power Budget Calculation

8- Fiber Bite Rate Calculation

9- Fiber Optic Project

10- Fiber Optic Plant Documentations

11‐ Fiber Optic Applications and Studying Cases

12- FTTX Design and Application

Objectives and Pre-requisites

Course Objectives

  • Knowledge of network topologies      
  • Preparing Fiber Optic Plant Documentations
  • Understanding the International standards TIA & ISO
  • Preparing Plant Link Loss Budget Analysis and Calculation
  • Understanding the fiber optic and fiber optic specifications
  • Choose the proper and cost effective   components
  • Design the FTTX networks using latest technologies    
  • Studying true examples applications And design process
  • Determine the effective bandwidth and bite rate
  • Choosing the proper transmission equipments


The knowledge and skills you must have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Fiber Optic Installation Technician



Classroom training
Duration: 5 days
Price: US$ ----

Course Schedule:
Egypt, Upon Request
Dubai, Upon Request
Qatar, Upon Request

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