Physical Installation of Cisco TelePresence Systems (PITS)

Detailed Outlines

Course Outlines

Module 1: Introduction to Cisco TelePresence

Describe a Cisco TelePresence solution and the technology that makes it work.

  • Lesson 1: Exploring the Cisco TelePresence Solution
  • Lesson 2: Exploring the Cisco TelePresence Environments

Module 2: Cisco TelePresence Planning and Assessment

Describe the four phases of the Cisco TelePresence Experience and Order Assurance process and the steps that are necessary for a successful deployment.

  • Lesson 1: Managing the Project and Product Order
  • Lesson 2: Examining Room Readiness Requirements
  • Lesson 3: Examining the Basics of Acoustics
  • Lesson 4: Examining Lighting Basics
  • Lesson 5: Examining Lighting Basics
  • Lesson 6: Planning a Cisco TelePresence Room Design

Module 3: Physical Assembly and Logistics

Describe the physical assembly and tuning of the Cisco TelePresence systems.

  • Lesson 1: Preparing for a Cisco TelePresence System Installation
  • Lesson 2: Assembling the Cisco TelePresence Systems 3000 and 3200
  • Lesson 3: Assembling the Cisco TelePresence Systems 500, 1000, 1100, and 1300
  • Lesson 4: Installing Auxiliary Displays
  • Lesson 5: Installing a Document Camera
  • Lesson 6: Wiring
  • Lesson 7: Tuning the Cisco TelePresence System


  • Using RRA Measuring and Test Equipment
  • Performing an RRA Environmental Assessment
  • Measuring RRA Acoustics and Illumination
  • Assembling the Endpoints
  • Programming the Codec
  • Tuning the Cisco TelePresence Cameras and Testing Audio

Objectives and Pre-requisites

Course Objectives

Physical Installation of Cisco TelePresence Systems (PITS) v1.0 is a two-day instructor-led course designed to help you prepare for the Cisco TelePresence Solutions Specialist certifi- cation, a professional-level certification for learners specializing in the Cisco TelePresence field. This course is a component of the Cisco TelePresence Solutions Specialist curriculum. The course is designed to give you a firm understanding of the physical installation of Cisco TelePresence units. The course reinforces the instruction by providing hands-on labs.


The knowledge and skills you must have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Basic computer literacy
  • Basic Windows navigation skills
  • Basic Internet usage skills
  • Basic email usage skills

Classroom training
Duration: 2 days
Price: US$ ----
CLC: 19

Course Schedule:
Egypt, Cairo,  Jan 2015
Dubai,  Feb, 2015
Qatar, Doha, May 2015


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